Avatar: The Way of Cloth, Hair, and Coupled Simulation
This talk presents CreLoki, an extension to the multi-physics framework Loki. It enables unified creatures physics, such as hair and cloth in wet, dry, and underwater contexts with predefined coupling modes. By maintaining a solver setup configuration that is general enough for every foreseeable use case, CreLoki avoids the most tedious and error-prone steps of scene configuration. CreLoki also offers users a familiar interface via an Autodesk Maya plugin without compromising quality, customizability, or extendability. We found that this tool encourages a broader adoption of unified physics among creature artists.
Xiao Zhai, Eston Schweickart, Nikolay Ilinov, Joel Wretborn, Alexey Stomakhin, John Homer, Jefri Haryono, Julian Butler
SIGGRAPH 2023 (Talks)